Chest Plateau Breaker

This program is designed to help you break any plateaus.

By increasing the tension, weight, and intensity weekly with proper techniques you will experience adaptive changes in the chest. This includes strength and a much fuller chest appearance. 

Benefits of Chest Plateau Breaker Program

Benefit 1

Benefit 1

Builds overall upper body strength.


Benefit 2

Benefit 2

Builds major and minor pectoral muscles to peak performance allowing you to lift heavier weights.

Benefit 3

Benefit 3

Increase overall chest development.

Workout Overview

Muscle Group

  • Major and minor pectoral muscles
  • Triceps
  • Upper posterior chain


  • Bench
  • Olympic barbells
  • Full gym

Skill Level

  • All fitness levels are welcomed (designed for individuals trying to get over that next chest barrier)


  • 40 minutes

Flat DB Press

Incline DB Fly

Weighted Dips

Incline Smith Press

Leverage Chest Press

BB Incline Press

Low Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover

Bench Press

Hammer Machine Incline Press

Decline DB Press

Flat DB Fly