about teddy joseph, CEO

Teddy Joseph is the CEO at MadeForThis Fitness and executes high level strategies on behalf of the company.

Hi, my name is Teddy Joseph, CEO of MadeForThis Fitness. I have a deep rooted passion for health, fitness, and overall mental and physical wellness. With over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness field, various degrees and certifications, I can assure you MadeForThis Fitness understands the importance and fundamentals of helping others with their health, fitness, and wellness goals.

MadeForThis Fitness believes in providing scientific and evidence based health, fitness, and nutritional programs to help others with their specific needs and goals. Though I am very experienced in living an active and healthy lifestyle, in 2011 I was forced to gain a substantial amount of weight and bulk in order to reduce the risk of injury while playing quarterback at the collegiate level. At that time, although I was in great athletic shape, my overall nutrition and health was not. I consumed a lot of processed food, high amounts of sugar, and as a result, my body felt terrible, which led to me feeling anxious and depressed. I knew then that was not me! After my college football career ended, I vowed to lose weight, maintain lifelong healthy eating habits, develop my body to peak fitness levels, and now, I help others do the exact same.

Here at MadeForThis Fitness, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience lifelong, optimal health and wellness. If you are looking for support, encouragement, accountability, and a committed fitness family, then look no further than MadeForThis Fitness! We are the team, and fitness family for you! Now, why are you still here? Let’s get started so we can get ahead and stay there! 

Our Trainers

Teddy Joseph

Technique: CEO
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Cherish Joseph

Technique: COO
Cherish Joseph is the wife to CEO Teddy Joseph and the COO at MadeForThis Fitness. At MadeForThis Fitness Cherish leads…
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Sergio Bryan

Experience: 2 Years
Technique: Lead Trainer/Coach
Sergio Bryan, 2 Years experience at MFTF as a coach. Coach Sergio is a lead group fitness instructor at MFTF.…
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Landy Jean

Experience: 2+ Years
Technique: Coach
Coach Landy Jean: 2 years experience at MFTF as a coach. Coach Landy is a group fitness instructor at MFTF.…
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