MFTF Happy Weight

The purpose of this meal plan is to give you a plan that can effectively help you burn fat with scientifically proven food items, time spaces, meal choices, and tricks to melt that fat away. In this plan you will receive a list of breakfast items and a series of things for you to do before breakfast for the next 28 days. Yes you MUST do this pre-breakfast ritual every single day for the next 28 days.

To continue, you will receive an example chart of lunches and dinners that you may have, switch up, and recycle as long as you STICK TO THE PLAN. There will be a list of fat burning fruits and vegetables on this list. The ones that are on the list are the ones that work best with your fat burning system. PLEASE DO NOT ASK can you eat other fruits and vegetables for this plan. The answer is NO. Furthermore, you will receive a list of supplements, oils, seeds, that I recommend you take to see faster and better results. This meal guide was developed for the majority of my clients that either would like to burn fat fast or develop Lean Muscle tone that will really compliment those abs and show really defined muscles.